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Help spread the message of coexistence with wildlife, bring education to this issue, and build community in place of our division.



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GROUP A - (September 1st through 14th)
GROUP B - (September 15th through 30th)
GROUP C - (October 1st through 15th)
GROUP D - (October 16th through 31st)


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Film Festivals

Winner, Best Documentary - Las Cruces Film Festival 2019

Winner, Best Feature - Local Sightings Film Festival 2018

Winner, Best Documentary - Peekskill Film Festival 2018

Winner, Best Animal Welfare Film - New Hope Film Festival

Winner, Excellence in Environmental Filmmaking - SF Doc Fest 2018

Finalist, Big Sky Award - Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2018


Big Sky Documentary Film Festival  | Capital City Film Festival  | 
International Wildlife Film Festival  |  NYC Indie Film Festival  | Wolf Haven International Special Screening | SF Doc Film Festival |  Peekskill Film Festival | New Hope Film Festival  | Asheville Film Festival | Jefferson State Flixx Fest | Crested Butte Film Fest | Local Sightings Film Festival | Wildlife Conservation Film Festival | Portland Film Festival | Napa Valley Film Festival | Wild & Scenic Film Fest | Green Bay Film Festival | Las Cruces Film Festival | San Luis Obispo Film Fest | DC Environmental Film Fest | Garden State Film Fest | Maryland Intl. Film Fest | South Side Film Fest

“Absolutely fantastic in every way. Emotionally, factually, and practically… I really couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to think about wolves.”


    - Sierra Club

Wolf Haven International | National Geographic |  Patagonia | Rocky Mountain Wolf Project 
| Sierra Club | Conservation NW   World Wildlife Foundation |
Captain Planet Foundation

“The film was very valuable. Really opened the eyes of students, and brought them a much broader set of perspectives than I have been able to do on my own. As the push for wolf delisting gains momentum, issues about living with wolves are gaining profile and importance.”


    - Western Washington University, Professor

“Truly a masterpiece. It is so valuable to come across a documentary that is not too heavily biased on either side.”

    - Colorado State University, Student Leader

Colorado State University | Napa Valley INSPIRE |  Western Washington University 
University of Puget Sound  | Evergreen College | Wolf Quest
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